STIHL RMI 522.0 C Uživatelský manuál

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RMI 522.0 C
Uživatelský manuál
Instruction manual
Manual de instrucciones
Manual de utilização
Navodila za uporabo
Návod na obsluhu
Návod k použití
RMI 522.0 C
0478 131 9265 A. A21. Eco. DS-2021-01 © 2021 STIHL Tirol GmbH
0478 131 9265 A
0478 131 9265 A
0478 131 9265 A - EN
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing STIHL. We
develop and manufacture our quality
products to meet our customers'
requirements. The products are designed
for reliability even under extreme
STIHL also stands for premium service
quality. Our specialist dealers guarantee
competent advice and instruction as well
as comprehensive service support.
We thank you for your confidence in us
and hope you will enjoy working with your
STIHL product.
Dr. Nikolas Stihl
Printed on chlorine-free bleached paper. Paper is recyclable. Cover is halogen free.
1. Table of contents
Notes on the instruction manual 4
General 4
Country-specific versions 4
Instructions for reading the
instruction manual 5
Machine overview 6
Robotic mower 6
Docking station 7
Display 8
How the robotic mower works 9
Operating principle 9
Safety devices 10
STOP button 10
Disabling device 10
Protective covers 10
Impact sensor 10
Lifting protection 11
Tilt sensor 11
Display illumination 11
PIN request 11
GPS protection 11
For your safety 11
General 11
Clothing and equipment 12
Warning – dangers caused by
electrical current 13
Battery 13
Transporting the machine 14
Before initial operation 14
Programming 15
During operation 15
Maintenance and repairs 16
Storage for prolonged periods
without operation 16
Disposal 17
Description of symbols 17
Standard equipment 18
Initial installation 18
Notes on the docking station 22
Docking station connections 24
Connecting the power cable to the
docking station 25
Installation material 26
Adjusting the cutting height 26
Notes on initial installation 26
Setting the language, date and
time 27
Installing the docking station 27
Routing the perimeter wire 28
Connecting the perimeter wire 31
Linking the robotic mower and
docking station 35
Checking installation 36
Programming the robotic mower 38
Completing initial installation 39
First mowing operation after initial
installation 39
iMOW® app 39
Menu 40
Operating instructions 40
Status screen 41
Information area 42
Main menu 43
Start 43
Drive home 43
Mowing plan 43
More 45
Settings 45
iMOW® – machine settings 45
Setting the rain sensor 46
Configuring the status screen 46
0478 131 9265 A - EN
2.1 General
This instruction manual constitutes
original manufacturer’s instructions in
the sense of EC Directive 2006/42/EC.
STIHL is continually striving to further
develop its range of products; we therefore
reserve the right to make alterations to the
form, technical specifications and
equipment level of our standard
For this reason, the information and
illustrations in this manual are subject to
This instruction manual may describe
models that are not available in all
This instruction manual is protected by
copyright. All rights reserved, especially
the right of reproduction, translation and
processing using electronic systems.
2.2 Country-specific versions
STIHL supplies machines with different
plugs and switches, depending on the
country of sale.
Machines with European plugs are shown
in the illustrations. Machines with other
types of plug are connected to the mains in
a similar way.
Installation 46
Setting starting points 47
Direct drive home 48
Safety 49
Service 50
Information 50
Perimeter wire 51
Planning routing of the perimeter
wire 52
Making a sketch of the mowing
area 52
Routing the perimeter wire 53
Connecting the perimeter wire 53
Wire clearances – use
iMOW® Ruler 53
Acute corners 54
Confined areas 54
Installing linking sections 55
No-go areas 55
Secondary areas 56
Corridors 56
Guide loops for offset drive home 58
Accurate mowing along edges 59
Sloping terrain along the perimeter
wire 59
Installing reserve wire 60
Using wire connectors 60
Narrow edge clearances 60
Docking station 61
Docking station controls 61
Notes on mowing 62
General 62
Mulching 62
Active times 62
Mowing duration 62
Home area 63
Operating the machine 63
Preparation 63
Flap 63
Adapting the programming 63
Automatic mowing 64
Mowing independently of active
times 64
Docking the robotic mower 65
Charging the battery 65
Maintenance 66
Maintenance schedule 66
Cleaning the machine 66
Checking the mowing blade wear
limits 67
Removing and installing the
mowing blade 67
Sharpening the mowing blade 68
Removing and installing the carrier
plate 68
Finding a wire break 69
Storage and winter break 70
Removing the docking station 70
Standard spare parts 71
Accessories 71
Minimising wear and preventing
damage 71
Environmental protection 72
Removing the battery 72
Transport 73
Lifting or carrying the machine 74
Securing the machine (lashing) 74
EU - Declaration of conformity 74
Cordless electric robotic mower
(RMI) with docking station (ADO) 74
Technical specifications 75
Messages 76
Troubleshooting 82
Service schedule 86
Handover confirmation 86
Service confirmation 86
Installation examples 87
Open source software 91
2. Notes on the instruction
0478 131 9265 A - EN
2.3 Instructions for reading the
instruction manual
Illustrations and texts describe specific
operating steps.
All symbols which are affixed to the
machine are explained in this instruction
Viewing direction:
Viewing direction when "left" and "right"
are used in the instruction manual:
the user is standing behind the machine
and is looking forwards in the direction of
Section reference:
References to relevant sections and
subsections for further descriptions are
made using arrows. The following example
shows a reference to a section: (Ö 3.)
Designation of text passages:
The instructions described can be
identified as in the following examples.
Operating steps which require intervention
on the part of the user:
Release bolt (1) using a screwdriver,
operate lever (2)...
General lists:
Use of the product for sporting or
competitive events
Texts with added significance:
Text passages with added significance are
identified using the symbols described
below in order to especially emphasise
them in the instruction manual:
Texts relating to illustrations:
Some Illustrations which are necessary for
use of the machine can be found at the
front of this instruction manual.
The camera symbol serves to link
the figures on the illustration pages
with the corresponding text
passages in the instruction manual.
Illustrations with text passages:
Operating steps relating directly to the
illustration can be found immediately after
the illustration, with a corresponding
reference to the item numbers.
The control pad (1) serves for navigation in
the menus. Settings are confirmed and
menus opened using the OK button (2).
Menus can be exited again using the Back
button (3).
Risk of accident and severe injury
to persons. A certain type of
behaviour is necessary or must be
Risk of injury to persons. A certain
type of behaviour prevents possible
or probable injuries.
Minor injuries or material damage
can be prevented by a certain type
of behaviour.
Information for better use of the
machine and in order to avoid
possible operating errors.
0478 131 9265 A - EN
3.1 Robotic mower
3. Machine overview
1 Movably mounted hood (Ö 5.4),
(Ö 5.5)
2 Impact protector
3 Charging contacts:
Connecting contacts to the docking
4 Front carrying handle (integrated in
the movable hood) (Ö 21.1)
5 STOP button (Ö 5.1)
6 Flap (Ö 15.2)
7 Drive wheel
8 Rear carrying handle (integrated in
the movable hood) (Ö 21.1)
9 Rain sensor (Ö 11.10)
10 Rotary handle for cutting height
adjustment (Ö 9.5)
11 Identification plate with machine
12 Front wheel
13 Dual-ground mowing blade (Ö 16.4)
14 Mowing deck
0478 131 9265 A - EN
3.2 Docking station
1 Floor plate
2 Cable guides for retaining the perim-
eter wire (Ö 9.10)
3 Power supply unit
4 Removable cover (Ö 9.2)
5 Charging contacts:
Connecting contacts to the robotic
6 Control panel
with button and LED (Ö 13.1)
7 Button
8 LED display
0478 131 9265 A - EN
3.3 Display
1 Graphical display
2 Control pad:
Navigating in menus (Ö 11.1)
3 OK button:
Navigating in menus (Ö 11.1)
4 Back button:
Navigating in menus
0478 131 9265 A - EN
4.1 Operating principle
The robotic mower (1) is designed for the
automatic mowing of lawns. It mows the
lawn in randomly selected paths.
In order for the robotic mower to detect the
borders of the mowing area A, a
perimeter wire (2) must be routed around
that area. A wire signal generated by the
docking station (3) flows through this
perimeter wire.
Solid obstacles (4) in the mowing area are
reliably detected by the robotic mower by
means of an impact sensor. Areas (5) that
the robotic mower is not to enter and
obstacles that need to be avoided must be
separated from the remaining mowing
area using the perimeter wire.
When automatic mowing is switched
on, the robotic mower independently
leaves the docking station and mows the
lawn during the active times (Ö 14.3).
The robotic mower automatically travels to
the docking station to recharge the battery.
If the mow plan type "Standard" is
selected, the robotic mower mows and
charges throughout the entire active time.
If the mow plan type "Dynamic" is
selected, the number and duration of
mowing and charging operations within the
active times are adapted fully
When automatic mowing is switched
off and for mowing operations
independent of active times, a mowing
operation can be activated in the "Start"
menu. (Ö 11.5)
4. How the robotic mower
0478 131 9265 A - EN
The STIHL robotic mower
can be operated reliably
and without interference
in close vicinity to other
robotic mowers. The wire
signal meets the EGMF
(European Garden
Machinery Federation) standard with
regard to electromagnetic emissions.
The machine is equipped with several
safety devices for safe operation and for
the prevention of improper use.
5.1 STOP button
When the red STOP button on the top of
the robotic mower is pressed, operation of
the machine is stopped immediately. The
mowing blade comes to a standstill within
a few seconds and the message "STOP
button pressed" appears on the display.
The robotic mower cannot be operated
and is safe while the message is active.
(Ö 24.)
When automatic mowing is
switched on, following
confirmation of the message with
OK, the system enquires
whether automatic operation is to be
If the response is Yes, the robotic mower
continues to mow the mowing area in
accordance with the mowing plan.
If the response is No, the robotic mower
remains stationary in the mowing area and
automatic mowing is switched off. (Ö 15.4)
5.2 Disabling device
The robotic mower must be
disabled prior to any
maintenance or cleaning work,
prior to transportation and prior
to inspection.
The robotic mower cannot be operated
when the disabling device is activated.
Activating the disabling device:
Press and hold the STOP button
in the More menu,
in the Safety menu.
Activating the disabling device via the
More menu:
In the "More" menu, select the "Lock
iMOW®" entry and confirm with the OK
button. (Ö 11.8)
Activating the disabling device via the
Safety menu:
In the "More" menu, open the "Settings"
and "Safety" submenus. (Ö 11.16)
Select the "Disab. device" entry and
confirm with the OK button.
Deactivating the disabling device:
When required, wake up the machine
by pressing any button.
Unlock the robotic mower using
the illustrated button
combination. For this purpose,
press the OK button and the
Back button in the sequence
shown on the display.
5.3 Protective covers
The robotic mower is equipped with
protective covers that prevent inadvertent
contact with the mowing blade and the
These include, in particular, the hood.
5.4 Impact sensor
The robotic mower is equipped with a
movable hood which serves as an impact
sensor. During automatic operation, it
immediately comes to a standstill if it
contacts a solid obstacle which has a
specific minimum height (8 cm) and is
firmly attached to the ground. It then turns
to face another direction and continues
mowing. If the impact sensor is triggered
too frequently, the mowing blade is also
5. Safety devices
Risk of injury!
If a safety device is found to be
defective, the machine must not be
operated. Consult a specialist
dealer; STIHL recommends STIHL
specialist dealers.
Pressing and holding the STOP
button also activates the disabling
device. (Ö 5.2)
Impacts against obstacles occur
with a certain force. Sensitive
obstacles, e.g. light objects such as
small flower pots, can therefore be
knocked over or damaged.
STIHL recommends removing
obstacles or blocking them off by
means of no-go areas. (Ö 12.9)
0478 131 9265 A - EN
5.5 Lifting protection
If the robotic mower is lifted by the hood,
mowing is stopped immediately. The
mowing blade comes to a standstill within
a few seconds.
5.6 Tilt sensor
If the permissible slope inclination is
exceeded during operation, the robotic
mower immediately changes its direction
of travel. In the event of a rollover, the self-
propulsion and mowing motor are
switched off.
5.7 Display illumination
The display illumination is activated during
operation. Thanks to this illumination, the
robotic mower is easily recognisable, even
in darkness.
5.8 PIN request
When the PIN request is activated, an
alarm signal sounds when the robotic
mower is lifted unless the PIN code is
entered within one minute. (Ö 11.16)
The robotic mower can only be operated in
conjunction with the docking station
supplied. A further docking station must be
linked with the robotic mower. (Ö 11.16)
5.9 GPS protection
The robotic mower is equipped with a GPS
receiver. When GPS protection is
activated, the owner of the machine is
notified if the machine is operated outside
the home area. The PIN code is also
requested on the display. (Ö 14.5)
6.1 General
These safety regulations must
be observed when working with
the machine.
Read the entire instruction
manual before using the
machine for the first time. Keep
the instruction manual in a safe
place for future reference.
These safety precautions are essential for
your safety, however the list is not
exhaustive. Always use the machine in a
reasonable and responsible manner and
be aware that the user is responsible for
accidents involving third parties or their
The term "use" covers all work on the
robotic mower, the docking station and the
perimeter wire.
A "user" is defined as:
A person who reprograms the robotic
mower or changes the existing
A person who performs work on the
robotic mower.
A person who activates or operates the
A person who installs or removes the
perimeter wire or docking station.
The use of the iMOW® app also falls
under the term "use" for the purpose of this
instruction manual.
The machine must only be operated by
persons who are well rested and in good
physical and mental condition. If your
health is impaired, you should consult your
doctor to determine whether working with
the machine is possible. The machine
should not be operated after the
consumption of alcohol, drugs or
medications which impair reactions.
Make sure that you are familiar with the
controls and use of the machine.
The machine must only be used by
persons who have read the instruction
manual and are familiar with operation of
the machine. The user should seek expert
and practical instruction prior to initial
operation. The user must receive
instruction on safe use of the machine
from the vendor or another expert.
During this instruction, the user should be
made aware that the utmost care and
concentration are required for working with
the machine.
Residual risks persist even if you operate
this machine according to the instructions.
STIHL recommends that one of the
safety levels "Low", "Medium" or
"High" be set. This ensures that
unauthorised people cannot
operate the robotic mower using
other docking stations and are
unable to change settings or the
Always activate GPS protection.
(Ö 11.16)
6. For your safety
Risk of death from suffocation!
Packaging material is not a toy -
danger of suffocation! Keep
packaging material away from
0478 131 9265 A - EN
Only give or lend the machine to persons
who are familiar with this model and how to
operate it. The instruction manual forms
part of the machine and must always be
provided to persons operating it.
Make sure that the user is physically,
sensorily and mentally capable of
operating the machine and working with it.
If the user is physically, sensorily or
mentally impaired, the machine must only
be used under supervision or following
instruction by a responsible person.
Make sure that the user is of legal age or
being trained under supervision in a
profession in accordance with national
Children must be kept away
from the machine and
mowing area during mowing
Dogs and other pets must be
kept away from the machine
and mowing area during
mowing operation.
For safety reasons, any
modification to the machine, except the
proper installation of accessories or
attachments approved by STIHL, is
forbidden and results in voiding of the
warranty cover. Information regarding
approved accessories and attachments
can be obtained from your STIHL
specialist dealer.
In particular, any tampering with the
machine which increases the power output
or speed of the motors is forbidden.
It is not permissible to make any
modifications to the machine that could
lead to increased noise emissions.
For safety reasons, the machine software
must never be modified or tampered with.
Particular care is required during use in
public green spaces, parks, sports fields,
along roads and in agricultural and forestry
It is not permitted to transport objects,
animals or persons, particularly children,
on the machine.
Never allow people, particularly children,
to ride or sit on the robotic mower.
Caution – risk of accident!
The robotic mower is intended for
automatic lawn care. Its use for other
purposes is not permitted and may be
dangerous or result in damage to the
Due to the physical danger to the user, the
machine must not be used for the following
applications (incomplete list):
for trimming bushes, hedges and
for cutting creepers,
for the care of lawn roofs and balcony
for shredding or chipping tree or hedge
for clearing paths (vacuuming,
for levelling earth mounds, e.g. mole
6.2 Clothing and equipment
Wear sturdy footwear with high-
grip soles and never work
barefoot or when wearing e.g.
when approaching the robotic mower
during operation.
Wear suitable work clothes
during installation, maintenance
operations and all other work on
the machine and docking
Never wear loose clothes which may
become caught on moving parts – do not
wear jewellery, ties or scarves.
In particular, wear long trousers
when approaching the robotic mower
during operation.
Always wear thick gloves during
maintenance and cleaning
operations, when laying and
removing wires and when
securing the docking station.
In particular, protect the hands when
working on the mowing blade and when
driving in the fixing pins or the docking
station pegs.
Long hair must always be tied up and
secured (headscarf, cap, etc.) when
working on the machine.
Suitable safety glasses must be
worn when driving in the fixing
pins and the docking station
Caution - risk of accident!
0478 131 9265 A - EN
6.3 Warning – dangers caused by
electrical current
Only use an original power supply unit.
The power supply unit must not be used:
if it is damaged or worn,
if the cables are damaged or worn.
Check the power cable in particular for
damage and ageing.
Maintenance and repair work on power
cables and power supply units must only
be performed by specially qualified
Danger of electric shock!
Do not connect a damaged cable to the
mains and only touch a damaged cable
once it has been disconnected from the
The electric cable on the power supply unit
must not be modified (e.g. shortened). The
cable between the power supply unit and
docking station must not be extended.
The power supply unit plug must only be
connected to the docking station
electronics in dry and clean condition.
The power supply unit and cable must not
be left on wet ground for prolonged
Danger of electric shock!
Damaged cables, connectors and plugs,
or electric cables which do not conform
with regulations may not be used.
Always ensure that the power cables used
are adequately protected by a fuse.
Detach electric cables at the plug and
socket and not by pulling on the electric
Only connect the machine to a power
supply that is protected by means of a
residual current-operated protective
device with a release current of a
maximum of 30 mA. Your electrician can
provide further information.
If the power supply unit is connected to the
mains supply outside a building, the socket
must be approved for outdoor use. Your
electrician can provide further information
about country-specific legislation.
It must be noted that current fluctuations
can damage the machine when it is
connected to a power generator.
6.4 Battery
Only use original batteries.
The battery is intended exclusively for
fixed installation in a STIHL robotic mower.
There, it is optimally protected and is
charged when the robotic mower is in the
docking station. No other charger must be
used. The use of an unsuitable charger
can result in danger due to electric shock,
overheating or escaping corrosive battery
Never open the battery.
Do not drop the battery.
Never use a defective or deformed battery.
Store the battery out of reach of children.
Only use or store the battery at
temperatures from -10°C to max.
Protect the battery against rain
and moisture – do not immerse
in liquids.
Do not subject the battery to
microwaves or high pressure.
Never connect the battery terminals with
metallic objects (short-circuit). The battery
can be damaged through short circuits.
Keep the unused battery away from
metallic objects (e.g. nails, coins,
jewellery). Do not use metallic transport
containers – explosive and fire hazard!
Fluid may escape from the battery due to
improper use – avoid contact! In the case
of inadvertent contact, rinse with water.
Seek medical attention if the fluid comes
into contact with the eyes. Escaping
battery fluid can cause skin irritation and
Do not insert any objects in the ventilation
slots of the battery.
For further safety instructions, see
Risk of electric shock!
Particularly important for
electrical safety are an
intact power cable and
mains plug on the power
supply unit. Damaged cables,
connectors and plugs, or electric
cables that do not conform to
regulations must not be used, to
prevent any risk of electric shocks.
Therefore, check the electric cable
regularly for signs of damage or
ageing (brittleness).
Explosive hazard!
Protect the battery
against direct sunlight,
heat and fire – never
throw it into a fire.
0478 131 9265 A - EN
6.5 Transporting the machine
Before transporting, and especially before
lifting the robotic mower, activate the
disabling device. (Ö 5.2)
Allow the machine to cool down before
Avoid contact with the mowing blade when
lifting and carrying the machine. The
robotic mower must only be lifted at both
carrying handles. Never reach under the
Take the weight of the machine into
account and use suitable loading aids
(lifters) if required.
Secure the machine and other machine
parts being transported (e.g. docking
station) on the load floor using fastening
materials (straps, ropes, etc.) of an
adequate size at the fastening points
described in this instruction manual.
(Ö 21.)
When transporting the machine, always
observe regional legislation, especially
regarding load security and the transport
of objects on load floors.
Do not leave the battery inside a vehicle
and never expose it to direct sunlight.
Lithium-ion batteries must be treated with
special care during transport. In particular,
short-circuit protection must be ensured.
Only transport the battery in the robotic
6.6 Before initial operation
It must be ensured that all persons who
use the machine are familiar with the
instruction manual.
Carefully follow the instructions for
installing the docking station (Ö 9.1) and
perimeter wire (Ö 12.).
The perimeter wire and the power cable
must be securely fastened to the ground
so that they do not present a tripping
hazard. Avoid routing the perimeter wire
and power cable over edges (e.g. edges of
pathways or paving stones). When routing
the perimeter wire and power cable on
ground into which the supplied fixing pins
cannot be driven (e.g. paving stones,
pathways), a cable duct must be used.
Correct routing of the perimeter wire and
power cable must be regularly checked.
To prevent the risk of stumbling, always
drive in the fixing pins all the way.
Do not install the docking station in a place
where it is difficult to see and could
become a tripping hazard (e.g. around the
corner of a house).
If possible, install the docking station out of
the reach of pests such as ants or slugs –
in particular avoid the area around anthills
and composting units.
Areas in which the robotic mower cannot
operate safely (e.g. due to danger of
falling) must be blocked off through
appropriate routing of the perimeter wire.
STIHL recommends that the robotic
mower is only operated on lawns and
surfaced paths (e.g. paved drives).
The robotic mower does not detect any
sudden drops such as edges, steps,
swimming pools or ponds. If the perimeter
wire is routed along potential sudden
drops, a clearance of at least 1m must be
maintained between the perimeter wire
and the danger area for safety reasons.
Regularly inspect the area on which the
machine is to be used and remove any
sticks, stones, wires, bones and all other
foreign objects that could be thrown up by
the machine.
After installing the perimeter wire,
particularly remove all tools from the
mowing area. Broken or damaged fixing
pins must be removed from the lawn and
disposed of.
Regularly check the area to be mown for
uneven areas and level them out.
Never use the machine with damaged
safety devices or with safety devices
The switch and safety devices installed in
the machine must not be removed or
All faulty, worn or damaged parts must be
replaced before using the machine.
Replace any illegible or damaged danger
signs and warnings on the machine. Your
STIHL specialist has a supply of
replacement stickers and all the other
spare parts.
Before initial operation, it must be ensured
that the machine is in good operational
condition. This means that the covers,
guards and the flap must be in place
and in good condition.
that the docking station is in a safe
operating condition. Here, all covers
must be properly installed and be in
good condition.
that the power supply unit has been
connected to a properly installed
that the insulation of the electric cable
and the mains plug on the power supply
unit is in good condition.
0478 131 9265 A - EN
that the entire machine (housing, hood,
flap, fastening elements, mowing blade,
blade shaft, etc.) is neither worn nor
that the mowing blade and the blade
fastening are in proper condition
(secure seating, damage, wear).
(Ö 16.3)
that all screws, bolts, nuts and other
fastening elements are in place and
properly tightened. Tighten any loose
screws, bolts and nuts prior to initial
operation (observe tightening torques).
Carry out any necessary work or consult a
specialist dealer. STIHL recommends
STIHL specialist dealers.
6.7 Programming
Observe local regulations regarding
permitted operating times for gardening
power tools with motors and programme
the active times accordingly. (Ö 14.3)
In particular, programming must also be
adapted so that no children, spectators or
animals are in the area to be mown during
Changing the programming using the
iMOW® app can result in activities that will
not be expected by other people. Changes
to the mowing plan must therefore be
communicated in advance to all affected
The robotic mower must not operate at the
same time as a sprinkler system. Adapt
the programming accordingly.
Ensure that the correct date and the
correct time are set on the robotic mower.
Correct the settings if necessary. Incorrect
values may cause the robotic mower to
start up unintentionally.
6.8 During operation
Keep others, particularly
and animals, out of the
danger area.
Never allow children to approach or play
with the robotic mower.
Starting a mowing operation using the
iMOW® app may not be expected by third
parties. Affected people must therefore be
notified in advance about possible activity
of the robotic mower.
Never allow the robotic mower to operate
if you know that animals or people,
particularly children, are in the vicinity.
When operating the robotic mower in
public places, signs with the following
notice must be affixed around the mowing
"Warning! Automatic lawn mower! Keep
away from the machine! Children must be
Caution – risk of injury!
Never put hands or feet on or
underneath rotating parts.
Never touch the rotating
Before thunderstorms, or if there is a
danger of lightning strikes, disconnect the
power supply unit from the mains. The
robotic mower must not be operated.
The robotic mower must never be tilted or
lifted when the motor is running.
Never attempt to change settings on the
machine when one of the motors is
For safety reasons, the machine must not
be used on slopes with an incline of more
than 21,8° (40 %).
Risk of injury! A slope inclination of 21,8°
corresponds to a vertical height increase
of 40 cm for a 100 cm horizontal distance.
Beware of the cutting tool
running on for several seconds
before coming to a standstill.
Press the STOP button (Ö 5.1)
during running operation
before opening the flap.
Activate the disabling device (Ö 5.2)
before lifting or carrying the machine,
before transporting the machine,
before removing blockages,
before carrying out any work on the
mowing blade,
before checking or cleaning the
after hitting a foreign object or if the
robotic mower begins to vibrate
excessively. In these cases, check the
machine, in particular the cutting unit
(blade, blade shaft, blade fastening) for
damage and carry out the necessary
repairs before restarting and working
with the machine.
0478 131 9265 A - EN
Before leaving the machine unattended,
the safety settings of the robotic mower
must be adapted so that it cannot be
operated by unauthorised persons. (Ö 5.)
Do not lean forward and always ensure
that you maintain your balance and a firm
footing on inclines when operating the
machine and its peripherals. Always walk,
do not run.
Never operate the machine in the vicinity
of naked flames.
6.9 Maintenance and repairs
Before starting cleaning, repair
or maintenance operations,
activate the disabling device
and park the robotic mower on
firm and level ground.
Disconnect the mains plug of
the power supply unit before
performing any work on the
docking station and the
perimeter wire.
Allow the robotic mower to cool down for
approx. 5 minutes before performing any
maintenance operations.
The power cable must only be repaired or
replaced by authorised electricians.
Following any work on the machine, check
and, if necessary, correct the
programming of the robotic mower before
putting it back into operation. In particular,
the date and time must be set.
The complete machine must be cleaned
carefully at regular intervals. (Ö 16.2)
Never spray water (particularly high-
pressure cleaners) onto motor
components, seals, electric components
or bearing points. This may result in
damage and expensive repairs. Do not
clean the machine under running water
(e.g. using a garden hose). Do not use
aggressive cleaning agents. These can
damage plastics and metals, impairing the
safe operation of your STIHL machine.
Maintenance operations:
Only maintenance operations described in
this instruction manual may be carried out.
Have all other work performed by a
specialist dealer.
If you do not have the necessary expertise
or auxiliary equipment, please always
contact a specialist dealer.
STIHL recommends that you have
maintenance operations and repairs
performed exclusively by a STIHL
specialist dealer.
STIHL specialist dealers regularly attend
training courses and are provided with
technical information.
Only use tools, accessories or
attachments approved for this machine by
STIHL or technically identical parts.
Otherwise, there may be a risk of
accidents resulting in personal injury or
damage to the machine. If you have any
questions, please consult a specialist
The characteristics of original STIHL tools,
accessories and spare parts are optimally
adapted to the machine and the user's
requirements. Genuine STIHL spare parts
can be recognised by the STIHL spare
parts number, by the STIHL lettering and,
if present, by the STIHL spare parts
symbol. On smaller parts, only the symbol
may be present.
Always keep warning and information
stickers clean and readable. Damaged or
missing stickers must be replaced by new,
original plates from your STIHL specialist
dealer. If a component is replaced with a
new component, ensure that the new
component is provided with the same
Only perform work on the cutting unit when
wearing thick work gloves and exercising
extreme care.
Ensure that all screws and nuts, especially
all screws and fastening elements of the
cutting unit, are securely tightened, so that
the machine is in a safe operating
Check the entire machine for wear or
damage on a regular basis, particularly
before extended periods when the
machine is not in use (e.g. over winter).
For safety reasons, worn or damaged
parts must be replaced immediately to
ensure that the machine is always in a safe
operating condition.
Components or guards that are removed
for maintenance operations must be
properly reinstalled immediately.
6.10 Storage for prolonged periods
without operation
Before putting into storage
Risk of injury!
Strong vibration is normally an
indication of a fault.
In particular, the robotic mower
must not be operated with a
damaged or bent blade shaft or
mowing blade.
If you do not have the appropriate
expertise, have the necessary
repairs carried out by a specialist
dealer (STIHL recommends STIHL
specialist dealers).
0478 131 9265 A - EN
Charge the battery (Ö 15.7)
Set the highest safety level (Ö 11.16)
Place the robotic mower in hibernation
(Ö 11.17)
Ensure that the machine is protected from
unauthorised use (e.g. by children).
Store the machine in good operational
Thoroughly clean the machine before
storage (e.g. winter break).
Allow the machine to cool for approx. 5
minutes before storing it in an enclosed
The storage room must be dry, frost-free
and lockable.
Never store the machine close to naked
flames or powerful heat sources
(e.g. oven).
6.11 Disposal
Waste products can be harmful to people,
animals and the environment. They must
consequently be disposed of properly.
Consult your recycling centre or your
specialist dealer for information on the
proper disposal of waste products. STIHL
recommends STIHL specialist dealers.
Ensure that old machines are properly
disposed of. Render the machine
unusable prior to disposal. In particular,
remove the power cable of the power
supply unit, as well as the battery of the
robotic mower in order to prevent
Risk of injury due to the mowing blade!
Always store an old lawn mower in a safe
place prior to scrapping. Ensure that the
machine and particularly the mowing blade
are kept out of the reach of children.
The battery must be disposed of
separately from the machine. Ensure that
batteries are disposed of safely and in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Read the instruction manual before initial
Keep a safe distance from the machine
during operation.
Keep other persons out of the danger
Disable the machine before lifting it and
before working on it.
Do not climb onto or sit on the machine.
Never touch the rotating blade.
Keep children away from the machine and
mowing area during mowing operation.
Keep dogs and other pets away from the
machine and mowing area during mowing
7. Description of symbols
0478 131 9265 A - EN
* must be separated from the cardboard
insert in the packaging.
For a quick, easy and robust installation,
read and comply with the specifications
and instructions, especially the wire
clearance of 28 cm during routing. (Ö 12.)
It is possible to increase the mown area by
routing the perimeter wire closer to the
edge. (Ö 12.17) For reliable operation, the
wire clearance must be adapted to the on-
site conditions during routing.
iMOW® quick guide
A separate quick guide on installing the
docking station and routing the perimeter
wire is enclosed with the robotic mower to
assist you. More detailed information can
be found in the respective chapters of this
instruction manual. Always use the quick
guide in combination with the instruction
manual for the robotic mower.
8. Standard equipment
Item Designation Qty.
A Robotic mower 1
B Docking station 1
C Power supply unit 1
D iMOW® Ruler* 2
E Peg for docking station 4
F Puller for carrier plate 1
G AKM 100 1
H Wire connector 2
I Corridor template* 1
Instruction manual 1
9. Initial installation